I am former co-chair and current at large officer of Austin DSA. I want to grow our organization into one whose members have the skills, tools, and politics to win campaigns that build working class power and solidarity by extracting concessions from capital that improve our collective situation.


In my time organizing with Austin DSA, I have been part of campaigns that brought working class people into direct conflict with bosses and centers of political power to fight for improvements in our material conditions. These campaigns have helped to expand our base and build our reputation as an effective force for change in Texas. We have done all this work as part of broad coalitions of labor and progressive organizations but explicitly as socialists. We are connecting working class struggle to our larger transformative demands.

I believe that this is an effective model for DSA to implement more broadly. I would like to help make that a reality.


A few campaigns Austin DSA has won that I’ve helped organize:

  • City ordinance requiring Paid Sick Days for all workers in Austin

  • Pressuring Rep. Lloyd Doggett to cosponsor HR 1384, the Medicare for All Act of 2019

  • Proposition A — a ballot measure for a $250 million affordable housing bond in Austin

  • Support for BookPeople United’s successful union organizing drive

  • #HomesnotHandcuffs — a campaign to overturn the city ordinances criminalizing homelessness in Austin

I believe our goal as socialists is to build a mass multi-racial working class movement that can act collectively to exercise power at every level of society: the workplace, city, state, and national governments. As a national organization, DSA can grow our ability to coordinate and unite all our work. This makes us uniquely situated to bring together the many, multi-faceted struggles against oppression under a single banner: the fight for socialism.


I’ve enjoyed working alongside Dave in doing our part to ensure a robust and effective Texas DSA landscape. He has a sharp analysis, intentionality, and genuine approach to building power that makes him a strong and inspiring leader. I wholeheartedly endorse Dave for NPC and hope to get the chance to work with him.
— Kristian H, North Texas DSA, NPC Candidate
I’ve spent the past two years organizing with Dave in Austin DSA’s leadership. He has been so generous with his time and leadership - welcoming new ideas, putting in the work, and constantly moving our chapter forward. He is dedicated to working for the many and not the few, specifically through our labor priority, while building new leaders along the way.
— Kim VB, Co-chair, Austin DSA
When I think about Austin DSA, Dave is one of the first people that pops in my head. His passion for a better future is contagious. Dave not only speaks a big game, but he backs it up with action. An active member in labor organizing in Texas, advocate for those experiencing homelessness, and workers everywhere.
— Tandera L, Austin DSA
Dave works so incredibly hard to make socialism in our lifetime come true. He would be amazing on the NPC as he is fair, a good listener, and can view comrades’ issues and opinions from all sides.
— Courtney S, Harassment Grievance Officer, Austin DSA
Dave has always struck me as the best kind of democratic leader: encouraging of others, thoughtful, able to put away ego, and with fire in the belly. Couple that with rock solid rank-and-file oriented labor and socialist and you have a great DSA representative.
— Chris K, Austin DSA
From our work training as effective organizers through the Midwest Academy to our collaborative work through our allied organizations to end the criminalization of homelessness in Austin, you have consistently demonstrated your dedication and commitment to ensure that the margins are pulled to the center, power is held by the people, and information is freely accessible and widely available to all in an effort to equalize our society, provide equity for those who have been historically disenfranchised, and raise the quality of life for everyone, rather than allow wealth and prosperity to continue as things known only by the privileged few.
— David J, Grassroots Leadership
Dave is unafraid to go after what he needs. When he wasn’t elected as a delegate in 2017, he came to Chicago as a volunteer who ended up learning just as much (if not more so) than the delegates about the ins and outs of convention-ing. A solid comrade, Dave reaches out regularly to a number of folks to make sure he’s doing things in the best way possible and has solid instincts when it comes to the tactics and practicalities of organizing. He was part of a group that helped keep our chapter running after a co-chair quit and again when his own co-chair passed away. The challenges of organizing in Texas makes him a sharp leader and he continues to concretely empower others around him.
— Chau N, Former Co-chair, Austin DSA
Dave was one of the first people I met in DSA, and I learned immediately how devoted he is to this organization and this movement. As someone who has worked service jobs his whole life and knows intimately the petty tyranny of bosses, I think he brings a crucial perspective to every discussion about labor and its intersection with other issues. Dave is somebody who should be in the national leadership of this organization because he has organized in one of the most hostile states for workers in the country, because he has invested tremendous effort into growing as he navigates conflict both within and without our chapter, and because he understands how we win. Dave inspires people to do more and to give more by his own dogged commitment to this fight, and I sincerely hope to see him give more of himself as a member of the NPC.
— Marina R, Housing Committee Co-chair, Austin DSA
Incredibly thoughtful, hardworking organizer. He’s helped his chapter get through incredibly difficult circumstances while winning incredible gains for the working class in Austin.
— Sam N, Lawrence DSA
Between your organizing and your answers to the questionnaire and your ability to work together when we were at the 2017 convention, you would be a great NPC member.
— Brian E, Syracuse DSA
He’s great, folks! He’s been a really good force in the Austin branch as long as I can remember.
— Patrick J, Austin DSA
Dave Pinkham has demonstrated an incredible capacity for leadership through his work in Austin. As a leader from our Houston chapter, I met Dave through regional training and collaboration events. Through the informal network DSA chapters have formed in Texas, Dave has been a key leader in ensuring that communications are sent to the right people and that the job gets done. While Dave has a great record of doing the field work, from labor organizing to canvassing on issue based campaigns, Dave’s successes are comprised not only of the many campaign wins but also of the day to day grind of administrative work that makes an organization run well.

Dave knows the value of communication and collaboration. Dave knows the goals of a socialist organization like DSA. Dave already has shown that he can do what needs to be done, so let’s put him on the NPC so that all of DSA can benefit from his hard work.
— Bryan L, Houston DSA
Dave is a proven fighter for working people. As a leader of the NPC, I’m confident that Dave will help DSA more effectively fight the billionaires and root itself in the multiracial working class.
— Eric B, At Large DSA Member
We met at the SPC in ‘18. I’ve been aware of and have been supporting a lot of the work in Austin DSA as a member of the national m4a campaign. Always impressed with your organizing and I know how much your leadership was critical for the paid sick days ordinance.
— Luke T, East Bay DSA
Dave is a talented and thoughtful organizer with a knack for democratic & inclusive co-leadership. He has helped the chapter not only grow, but become exponentially more organized and effective. Dave excels in particular at ‘iceberg work’, the difficult & often-time-consuming organizing labor that happens behind the scenes to ensure proper function of the entity as a whole; for example, Dave was instrumental in a major bylaws overhaul/modernization process that reshaped our self-governance and leadership apparatus, resulting in the creation of new offices, dramatic increases in participation, and more transparency & accountability. During his tenure as cochair, he did a TON of this type of work, to such an extent that I’m unsure what projects if any failed to receive his care, attention, and input. Little surprise, then, that Dave went on to organize with the TX AFL CIO during a blistering legislative session. On that note, Dave put in tireless work to build up our chapter’s coalition relationships with the labor community, radically-oriented local nonprofits, and other chapters in the state. In summation, Dave Pinkham is a diligent, conscientious, and studious radical organizer, and would make a strong addition to the NPC or any leftist organizing body that would have him. I’m proud to endorse Dave Pinkham for DSA NPC!!!
— Jacob A, Former Membership Coordinator, Austin DSA
David shows up and shoulders the load of many! I worked with him Saturday after Saturday in the Derrick Crowe Campaign for the US House in 2018. He was (and is) a workhorse for justice!
— Sharon G, Austin DSA
We’ve worked together in multiple ways — mostly creatively. But I see Dave leading people gently and effectively and am personally inclined to listen to him when he talks. Dave is a smart cookie and responsible listener and speaker.
— Devin F, Austin DSA
I’ve worked with Dave on several statewide campaigns and on the 2017 Texas Regional Training. Dave is a selfless leader who has no task below him. Dave brings so much energy and enthusiasm to Austin DSA and Texas DSA. He is exactly the kind of organizer we need on the NPC!
— Nick B, Former Co-chair, Houston DSA
The best way to describe Dave as a socialist organizer is that he works on building socialism as if his life depended on it. As the co-chair of the labor committee, I’ve worked with him countless times on union drives, organizer trainings, and union solidarity actions. Dave has the incredible urgency that our world historic moment demands, is easy to work with, and is clear-headed about where the socialist movement goes from here. I can’t think of any qualities that could be more necessary for an NPC candidate.
— Paul S, Labor Committee Co-chair, Austin DSA
I’ve been a DSA member since April 2016, and I’ve seen David’s leadership legitimately build socialism. Whether it was fighting for Paid Sick Days, more Police accountability & oversight, the largest affordable housing bond in state history, successfully pushing Members of Congress to sponsor Medicare For All, or decriminalizing homelessness, David is always on the front lines moving the ball forward.
— Mike L, Austin DSA
Vigorous and passionate advocate for unions. Has done outstanding work toward a mass, grassroots socialist movement.
— Ron N, Austin DSA
I support Dave for NPC because of his dedication and commitment to the DSA and all of the work he has put in for DSA in Austin
— Hannah C
Dave truly cares about building real power to win and does the work to back it up—while exerting a steadying presence as a chapter leader. Proudly endorse!
— Marcus D, Austin DSA

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